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Jim “the Modified Fisherman” is in the Home Waters house as a guest blogger! Enjoy!

My First Trout Trip of 2016 I’d like to start with a short introduction about myself. I’ve been fishing my whole life and have always wanted to learn about fly fishing. Then one day about three years ago,  I woke up and decided that was the day I was going to see what this fly […]

New water and new gear.

On Saturday night, another buddy of mine and I decided to head west super early the next day. Dawn patrol probably isn’t most people’s idea of a relaxing day-off (since there’s no sleeping late), but when winter steelheading is involved, things are different. We knew it was going to rain and rain it did. In […]

Winter time, solo trip, new water explorin’. Swingin’ flies, steelhead, nicely rewarded.

This year my winter steelheading goal was to explore rivers I had never fished and spots I had only been to a couple times. And Sunday was no exception. My early morning drive got me thinking about my game plan. The radar reports from the night before informed me I had at least 3 or […]