Home Waters Fly Shop is an authorized dealer of Winston, ECHO, Redington, and Stryker rods.

Winston Rods:

BENT is the end purpose of every WINSTON. BENT under the weight and power of a good trout, a tarpon, or a big striped bass. For over 90 years, BENT has also been the end purpose of Winston. For they have always been BENT on craftsmanship, BENT on creating unparalleled fly rods that empower anglers to make perfect casts and presentations: rods that have the mojo to get the job done.




ECHO Rods:

Whether you are hunting McKenzie River redsides, bone fish in the Bahamas, swinging for steelhead, or salmon fishing in Alaska, ECHO rods have got you covered. Here at Home Waters, ECHO rods are shop and guide favorites. ECHO rods come in at an excellent price point, have some of the best beginner and intermediate kits on the market, and are designed to perform.


Redington Rods:

With Redington rods, it’s about experiencing the sport of fly fishing through a non-traditional lens and engaging anglers and non-anglers alike. It’s with this in mind that Redington created their product lines. Redington designs fly fishing gear from an adventurous perspective, exploring the past, present and future of the sport and redefining how it could be better, more beneficial, less expensive, and more intuitive. For Redington, it’s visualizing everyone’s needs and exploring designs and technologies to bring quality performance products that are approachable on all sides of the equation, from aesthetics to price.




Stryker Rods:

New to the fly fishing scene, Stryker Rods are hand-crafted in Eugene, Oregon. Stryker Rods offer rods in the 4-9 weight range. With modern grips, distinct tapers, and the possibility of working directly with your rod maker, Home Waters believes that Stryker Rods will continue to grow the Eugene fly fishing scene in the years to come! Come on down to the shop and cast one today!