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Simplify Your Spey Part 2: Swinging the Run, by J. Lusher

Alright, you’ve got your rod set up and things are feeling good. Its time to fish!! The basic method for swinging a run effectively is the same winter or summer. In the winter we might look for slower water but the great runs have the same characteristics. Water that is somewhere in that walking speed […]

Simplify Your Spey, by J. Lusher

Swinging the fly for winter steelhead can be daunting.  Two handed rods, Skagit lines and T-material.  525 grains or 540?  T-11, T-14, or T-8?  It can seem complicated but it doesn’t have to be. Two handed rods are a game changer for the steelheader.  Time between casts is shorter, room for the backcast becomes unnecessary […]