Simplify Your Spey Part 2: Swinging the Run, by J. Lusher

Alright, you’ve got your rod set up and things are feeling good. Its time to fish!! The basic method for swinging a run effectively is the same winter or summer. In the winter we might look for slower water but the great runs have the same characteristics. Water that is somewhere in that walking speed […]

Simplify Your Spey, by J. Lusher

Swinging the fly for winter steelhead can be daunting.  Two handed rods, Skagit lines and T-material.  525 grains or 540?  T-11, T-14, or T-8?  It can seem complicated but it doesn’t have to be. Two handed rods are a game changer for the steelheader.  Time between casts is shorter, room for the backcast becomes unnecessary […]

Summer Gold

This summer has been pretty great. The shop’s been busy, the US killed it at the 2016 Rio Olympics, our Home Waters softball team won their summer league and Sunday fishing has been on the regular. Throughout the summer we’ve floated the McKenzie and Willamette multiple times, and there’s been a few trips down to […]

Jim “the Modified Fisherman” is in the Home Waters house as a guest blogger! Enjoy!

My First Trout Trip of 2016 I’d like to start with a short introduction about myself. I’ve been fishing my whole life and have always wanted to learn about fly fishing. Then one day about three years ago,  I woke up and decided that was the day I was going to see what this fly […]

New water and new gear.

On Saturday night, another buddy of mine and I decided to head west super early the next day. Dawn patrol probably isn’t most people’s idea of a relaxing day-off (since there’s no sleeping late), but when winter steelheading is involved, things are different. We knew it was going to rain and rain it did. In […]

Winter time, solo trip, new water explorin’. Swingin’ flies, steelhead, nicely rewarded.

This year my winter steelheading goal was to explore rivers I had never fished and spots I had only been to a couple times. And Sunday was no exception. My early morning drive got me thinking about my game plan. The radar reports from the night before informed me I had at least 3 or […]