Fishing Report: June 24, 2022

Willamette Valley Fishing and Home Waters Fly Shop fishing report for June 24, 2022


  • After a warming week with plenty of sunlight, we can officially say that summer fishing has arrived! And with summer comes the heat. This weekend, the National Weather Service issued a heat advisory with temps forecasted into the mid-90s. Fortunately, the warming temps during the week also raised the river temperature getting the fish more active and looking up instead of down. We anticipate great fishing through the weekend and into next week. We also anticipate some crowded river conditions this weekend due to everyone scratching that boating and floating itch. Inner tube hatch HERE WE COME!
  • McKenzie River fishing continues to be nymphs in the morning hours (stone, Pat’s rubber legs, split case PMDs). Dry fly action has picked up with both McKenzie green caddis and tan caddis working well. We like size 10 and twelve fishing through the fast water. Later in the day we are also looking to fish those shade lines with a little skating action to call up the big bites.
  • Willamette River fishing has been solid despite fluctuating water levels and flows. We are sticking to the dry-dropper setup with a Chubby Norm in a size #8 with either a CDC pheasant tail jig or purple or florescent orange perdigon. Those have been the hot tickets! 

Middle Fork Willamette River

  • Middle Fork Willamette from Oakridge to Black Canyon:

    • Water clarity is good but run-off and reservoir management has kept the flows higher than normal. Water clarity is excellent, and the fish are ready to eat. It’s just a matter of finding your spots, working the seams, and really hunting in that decelerating water.
    • 1100 cfs at Salt Creek and 3040 cfs at the NF of the Middle Fork which places flows in the “normal” and “above normal” range for this time of year. The water is still pushy, but wadeable now.

  • Middle Fork Willamette from Dexter Dam to Coast Fork Confluence:

    • Flows at Dexter are at 3970 cfs which is still in the “much above normal” range for this time of year. Fluctuations nearer the dam are frustrating and they do have an effect down stream. That said, the water clarity and temps are favorable. 
    • Jasper has flows at 4990 cfs which counts as “much above normal,” however if you can time the drops in flows the bite has been excellent.
    • Middle Fork from McKenzie Confluence up to Marshall Island
      • Armitage is at 5330 cfs, which is “above normal” for this time of year. But, the increased flows are going to help with the temperature increases over the weekend.

McKenzie River

  • Above Leaburg Dam

    • Water clarity is outstanding (as always). Levels have been dropping but the river is still fast. While nymphing is always solid, we’ve started to see the dry fly action pickup. Green caddis and tan caddis in a size 10 has been productive.
    • Vida is “above normal” at 4160 cfs. This is still fast but more manageable than it has been over the last few weeks.

  • Below Leaburg Dam:

    • Water clarity is good while water levels are still high. Around here, we are throwing the bug bugs through the fast water. The rises are happening. Dry fly season is here.
    • Flows below Leaburg are at 4450 cfs which places that flow at an all time high for this time of year. The dam gates are open for run-off control and reservoir management. Be mindful of your surroundings and anchor in the softer water.
    • Lastly, Hayden is in the “above normal” range at 4760 cfs. Nevertheless, it is fishing well. We do expect a substantial inner tube hatch over the weekend. Take care of yourselves out there!

Reservoirs we Fish:

  • For those interested parties, here are the current levels of our local reservoirs:
    • Hills Creek: 87% full
    • Lookout Point: 92% full
    • Dorena: 100% full
    • Cottage Grove: 98% full
    • Fall Creek: 98% full
    • Fern Ridge: 100% full