Headed to Clear Lake sometime within the next month?  If yes, first of all, lucky! Have a super fun time. Second, tag us in one, or both of the following ways, and win one of Travel Oregon’s Clear Lake posters from their Only Slightly Exaggerated campaign. This is a really pretty  20×16 poster on a nice, heavier paper stock in a matte finish. So, not your average poster.

Ok, so how do you win? Here ya go:

* Option #1: Tag us on Instagram, or post to our Facebook page, a photo of yourself at Clear Lake while sporting the Home Waters logo (hat, hoodie, t-shirt, sticker on your car, water bottle, etc).

* Option #2: Tag us in a photo of yourself at Clear Lake with a fly rod in your hand. Even better if you have a fish on at the time!

* First person to post and tag for each tag option wins a poster.
* We want to see YOU at Clear Lake! So, make it obvious that’s where you are. No pix of you in the woods saying you’re at Clear Lake. You know who you are.
* Exercise both options and win 2 posters. Yep!
* Only 2 posters available for this giveaway.
* Must be able to pick-up poster here at the shop.
* Giveaway ends October 1st.



Our Current Fly Selection For Local Waters

Mega prince, Posse bugger, Red copper John, Light cahill soft hackle, Pink chubby Chernobyl. Get out there and fish!

Let the Fly Tying Videos Begin!

Super stoked to share and be a part of, the first of many fly tying videos put together by some pretty fishy people. First up, Courtney Morris, aka @sculpinarmy, ties up his size 6 Brown Woolly Bugger. Oh, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel! That’s where you’ll find future tying videos and some other good stuff as well. Enjoy!

Meat Market flies are here!

Presenting the Drug Money Intruder steelhead fly in Burrberry and Nyquill Nightmare. Stoked to have these for sale in the shop! Great job, Luke and friend at Meat Market flies!

Hareline Dubbin developed an app for Android

and iOS mobile devices!

Imagine that—16,000 Hareline products literally at your fingertips. How it works: simply select your item, add it to your order, repeat as necessary, then export your order via email to us, making sure to include your phone number.

If your order meets the $100 minimum, we’ll send it straight to Hareline and you won’t have to wait on us and our order. 

Either way, you’ll be able to put together your own Hareline order and pick it up here at the shop when it arrives. How cool is that?!  Use the email when you’re ready to try out the app. Have fun! 

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