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Redington Crosswater Collection

Redington Crosswater Collection



This item will be handled and shipped directly from Redington.



The Redington Crosswater Collection is an easy-to-cast, medium-fast action graphite fly rod, ideal for the new fly angler. This 4-piece model breaks down for storage or traveling for the angler on the go. And options to buy single rods or complete outfits make it easy to get started fly fishing.

Redington Crosswater Highlights:

  • All water, medium-fast action rod
  • Anodized machined aluminum reel seat, ideal for all water conditions
  • Alignment dots for easy rod set up
  • Rods come with cotton rod sock
  • Limited 1 year warranty
  • Combo includes: 
  • CROSSWATER reel pre-spooled with RIO Mainstream® WF fly line
  • Cordura rod tube
  • Limited 1 year warranty

When it comes to a reel for the Crosswater, we like the Behemoth because it’s a durable reel for the price point. Available in 4 colors and 5 sizes. In-house color choice for the Crosswater: Black. It straight-up looks sharp sitting with the blue anodized hardware on the black reel seat.


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** FREE SHIPPING Direct from Redington **

** FREE SHIPPING Direct from Redington **

This item will be handled and shipped directly from Redington.

Redington Rod Actions


A fast action rod is a powerful rod with less flex, requiring that the caster have good timing and technique. The stiffness of a fast-action rod can help bring in a fish more quickly, ideal when playing larger fish. A fast action rod is also beneficial in windy conditions.


Make longer casts, land larger fish, cast in windy conditions and cast quickly – Can be difficult for beginners to cast, initially


A moderate fast action is a great mix of versatility and performance, providing a deeper flex into the blank then a fast action rod. This action allows the angler to comfortably switch their fishing technique depending on the fishing situation for instance, nymphing to dry flies. Performance wise these rods will still punch tight loops in the wind, while offering a level of flex to protect you from breaking off that fish.


This action will suit most anglers looking for the performance benefits of a faster action, while still wanting the versatility and feel of a deeper flexing rod.


A moderate or medium action rod is very versatile. More forgiving than a fast-action rod, a moderate action rod is somewhat flexible but also offers a good degree of stiffness. During casting, a moderate-action rod will bend moderately for half of its length and the lower half will remain stiff.


Improved line control and accuracy over fast-action. Suited to widest range of fishing conditions – Great, versatile rod choice for beginners.


A rod with a classic, traditional or slower action is designed for anglers who need to make the short, accurate and gentle casts typically required on small rivers and streams. These rods are very flexible throughout the entire shaft. The rod’s generous flexibility and slow line speed allows inexperienced casters to have good control of their line, resulting in increased accuracy. A slower action rod is not an ideal rod for casting in windy conditions.


Very forgiving if you’re not yet a strong caster. It’s great for short casts and an ideal match for smaller streams and rivers. These rods are ideally suited for fishing with smaller dry flies and nymphs.